About The Summer Son

Craig Lancaster’s second novel, to be released in early 2011 by AmazonEncore, explores the soured relationship between Mitch Quillen, a man teetering on the brink as he closes in on his forties, and his father, Jim.

Mitch traces every loss in his life to a violent summer spent with his father nearly thirty years earlier. Compelled by his wife to go to Jim and set matters straight, Mitch has to negotiate not only the treacherous distance between them but also the wounds from the past that never cauterized.

In the end, he learns a powerful lesson about secrets and what happens when they’re dragged into the light.


“Craig Lancaster’s magnificent novel travels straight into the realm of broken hearts and hurt souls only to discover miraculous things at the core of each of us: grace and love.” | Richard Wheeler, author of Snowbound and a five-time Spur Award winner
The Summer Son made me laugh, made me feel and even made me love a scoundrel.” | Kristen Tsetsi, author of Homefront

“Part family saga, part mystery, The Summer Son will grab you and not let go.” | R.J. Keller, author of Waiting for Spring

“In this novel of power, psychological insight, suspense and healing, Craig Lancaster takes the reader on Mitch Quillen’s search with courage and emotional honesty.” | Carol Buchanan, author of God’s Thunderbolt and Gold Under Ice

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