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Whether you have a story to share about your father or wish to anonymously post what you’ve always wanted to say to him, we’re here to contemplate these men and the way they shape our lives. Feel free to jump right in.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the site

  1. Jim Thomsen says:

    My dad was the most decent man I’ve ever known. Ethical, kind, fair, honest. I saw clients of his tax -preparation business try to maneuver him into fudging numbers on their returns … and my dad not only refused such manipulations, but did so in a way that kept the clients’ business AND respect. Raised on a steady diet of tough-guy heroes on TV and in books and movies, it took me a long time to appreciate Dad’s quiet everyday heroism for the heroism that it truly was. Dad wasn’t particularly funny or pithy, and I can’t recall any lingering wisdoms he might have had to share. He never took me fishing, never threw a baseball with me, never taught me how to replace a carburetor, never talked to me about the birds and the bees. That’s OK. He just wasn’t that kind of dad. He was merely a decent one. That’s the kind of trade-off I’ll happily take any day.

    Thanks, James Robert Thomsen Sr. (1924-2000)

  2. Beautiful, Jim. The better I get to know you, the more I wish I’d had the opportunity to meet him.

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